We are a collective of like minded individuals, all about boosting Herne Bay and community spirit! We’re not a commercial enterprise, just local people, with a good mix of skills, doing it for our town.

You can visit us on Facebook. or  twitter too.

We aim to be a hub of information for the town and its visitors, keeping you up to date with activities and events, so you know what’s going on and where it’s happening!  It’s a pleasure to assist groups, businesses and schools, to help market their events and promotions, via social networking, such as Facebook and Twitter and  provide extra support, designing poster artwork and promotional videos too. We also host our own events, such as the Herne Bay Zombie Crawl and Ball, Air Displays, Xmas Ball, Sci-fi by the Sea and Titanic Ball, to name but a few.

Take a look at what we get up to!

  • Herne Bay App – A FREE Herne Bay App for smartphones, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows and iPad. It provides a wealth of information regarding the town, events, tides, property for sale, photos, videos, digital baycard, restaurants and much much more. Download from the Android Play Store  Apple App Store our App page.Herne Bay App
  • BayPromoTeam Facebook page – This has been a huge success, with over 1000 people receiving regular updates on events and promotions in the town. The page has a fantastic sense of community, that sees many people commenting, liking, contributing photos and details of their own events and businesses. It’s exactly what we were aiming for and are proud that it’s been so well received.
  • Twitter – Our twitter following is growing rapidly. We understand the importance of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to get information around instantly (at zero cost) and we are happy to embrace it.
  • Events Calendar – The events calendar can be found on our website, facebook page and in the Herne Bay app. We try to scoop up as many events in the town that we can find, get told about and share both ways with the very informative bayguide website.
  • Herne Bay Zombie Crawl– Now established as a yearly event and the largest night time Zombie Crawl in the UK, Zombies now number in their thousands, helping to raise money for Kent Air Ambulance, before dancing the night away at our fantastic Zombie Ball. Now in its fifth year.
  • Sci-Fi by the Sea– 6,500 Sci-fi fans descended on Herne Bay to enjoy a thrill packed day at our massive Si-Fi Event. This year we’re all set to have another round of fun at Sci-fi by the Sea 3 on Sunday 21st June.
  • Titanic Ball – A Titanic themed ball at Herne Bay’s Kings Hall. Over 600 black-tie and Edwardian dressed guests enjoyed an evening of music, exhibitions and dance.
    Herne Bay Zombie Crawl 2011

    Herne Bay Zombie Crawl 2011

  • Marketing Herne Bay! – Ultimately, we want to market Herne Bay outside of the area, to help boost tourism, bring investment to the town and improve the brand of  ‘Herne Bay’. We have a lot to offer in the town and we need to show people what a great place Herne Bay is to visit, at any time of year.

Herne Bay has a wonderful community and it’s great to be able to work with Herne Bay Town Partners, Beach Creative, Bayguide, Herne Bay in Bloom and the many others who are passionate about our town.

Projects are always evolving and we welcome ideas from everyone in how we can get together and help raise the profile of our great seaside town. If you think you can help, why not send an email to us at baypromoteam@gmail.com.