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Local Independent shops head over to www.seemylocalshop.co.uk, restaurants, it’s www.seemylocalmenu.co.uk.

68% of shops in the UK are independents – a real force to be reckoned with and Herne Bay, Kent has more than most.

There’s something for everyone when shopping in Herne Bay, whether you’re in the High Street, William Street, Mortimer Street or the surrounding roads, the amount of local independent shops is a real boon to the local area. Away from the High Street, there’s some great independent shops in Sea Street and up the hill in Beltinge. We should be proud of the amount of shops that are in the town. There’s well over 100 independent retailers in Herne Bay.

Herne bay boasts multiple local butchers, bakers and specialist shops, so whether you’re shopping for gifts at Christmas or just for pleasure our Herne Bay shops will have what you are looking for. Herne Bay also boasts a great discount scheme with the bay card accepted at many of the independent shops in the town. Keep up to date with all the latest offers at on baycards website.

Whatever you want, a Herne Bay independent shop has got it.

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