Calling all artists!

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Portable Art Space Herne Bay

Portable Art Space is a non-profit art organization and charity based in Herne Bay that will provide a platform for artists. Portable Art Space aims to promote artists by showcasing their work in different location in and around Herne Bay

This exciting new platform will support artists by helping them to explore, develop and promote their own practice to a variety of diverse audiences by organising a range of events.

These will include workshops, talks, collaborations, exhibitions and performances.Throughout the year there will be plenty of opportunities to experiment with other mediums and to develop various ways to interact with the audiences.

The theme for 2013 “Free expression” is the theme for 2013, so whether you are a visual artist, poet, sculptor, painter, musician, filmmaker, dancer performer or writer, you are invited to submit a proposal for the exhibitions and other events.

Guidelines for submitting

  • Your full name and contact details.
  • A brief biography on one side of A4.
  • Describe what medium will you be using?
  • How much space does your work require?
  • Is the work to be made specifically for the event or does it already exist?
  • You can submit up to 10 images to support your submission, presented as jpg files no larger than 1MB each.
  • All image files should have your name and an individual number as per “mandysmith001.jpg”
  • A £10 fee for the artwork that’s picked

The exhibition will be held at Herne Bay Bandstand, Central Parade.

Open submission 1st December 2012 Deadline is May 26th 2013

If you have any questions please contact

Merlene Dunkley
Curator/Visual Artist
Founder of Portable Art Space