Forrest’s Fun Fair – 8th August

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It starts today from 2pm, Forrests Fun Fair in Herne Bay Mermorial Park!

All rides just £1 tomorrow (Dodgems £1.50 per car) Simply click on the voucher. Select 'options' at the bottom of the page, then download and print the vouchers for discounts on rides!

(Vouchers not valid tomorrow or 15th August)

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Forrest Family Funfair is back in Herne Bay from this Wednesday 8th August until 11th August, and then 15th – 18th August. Open from 2pm till 10pm.

On Wednesday 8th and 15th ALL RIDES are just £1! (except dodgems – £1.50 per car)

Forrest Amusements have given the BayPromoTeam permission to share their discount voucher online, giving you £7.50 off rides (not valid on 8th & 15th August) The vouchers must be printed as per attached A4 (landscape) in colour. Max 1 ticket per person, per ride.

To download, just click on the photo, click the options menu that pops up and choose 'download'.

So get your friends to 'like' our page and make the most of some nice discounts for the family next week! Enjoy!