Herne Bay Filmmakers Seek Your Support

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Teatime and Tide is a Herne Bay based filmmaking company who believes in ‘making films for everybody’.

As well as making short docufilms and artfilms they also run workshops in schools and clubs, passing on their skills and knowledge to the next generation of Herne Bay animators and filmmakers.

The production company is piloted by local filmmaker and photographer Nicholas Godsell. Following an unexpected redundancy earlier this year, he has been able to turn his evening and weekend pursuits into a full-time occupation.

Several filming opportunities and commissions throughout the summer have encouraged him to follow his dream, but they have also taken their toll on essential filmmaking equipment. This is why Teatime and Tide needs your help.

In order to continue documenting our town, its people and events Teatime and Tide needs to raise some money. If you think you can help and would like to see more short films of Herne Bay produced then please click here to and donate what you can.

One of the films we hope to finish is of the new #hernebaymosaics designed, created and installed by Herne Bay artist Rob Turner. You can see the promo video to these new artworks here  – help us finish making this film and more like it here – all donations gratefully received.