BayPromoTeam Events

It’s been a pleasure for us at BayPromoTeam to join in with Herne Bay town events, as well as putting on our own. 

Community Albums

We are proud to have so many excellent photographers, producing outstanding Herne Bay photos. The community play an active part in the BayPromoTeam community albums, submitting and sharing photos with us. This is selection from our every growing community albums. If you would like any of your pictures in our community albums, email us at

BayPromoTeam Instagram

Enjoy this gallery of our Instgram posts


Herne Bay Zombie Crawl

The Herne Bay Zombie Crawl has become a massive success, with over 1000 Zombies taking part in 2012. Enjoy photos from our crawl, ball and our amazing Halloweek, full of Zombie workshops and other gruesome stuff!

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Herne Bay Galleries

You’ll find Herne Bay galleries that don’t quite fit in anywhere else, from the amazing high up views to the googly eyes.

Herne Bay Past

Herne Bay has a rich history and there are many photos visualising the past, we’ll be building up a collection of them here.