Zombie Recruits Needed

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Herne Bay Zombie Crawl
Hello fellow zombies! On August 11th, the Herne Bay Zombie Crawl will be having a presence in the Herne Bay Carnival. We would love as many of you as possible to join in our zombie parade on 11th August, where we will have a lovely large banner advertising the crawl at the front, and glossy flyers for the crawl to give out too. Very importantly, this is a family event and kids are most welcome to join their zombie parents in the parade. Even more importantly, we must have 12a rated zombies (even PG ones) at the most, rather than 18 rated ones. There’ll be lots of little ones watching the carnival in broad daylight, and we don’t want to scare anyone or give anyone nightmares, this wouldn’t be good for us. We want to show families that it’ll be fun at the crawl itself for everyone of all ages, and that we’ll be raising money for a good cause. So if you want to zombie-up on the 11th August (parade starts 6pm from west of Lane End) Please email us at baypromoteam@gmail.com with names and ages of participants, and we register you. This will be our biggest opportunity to promote the crawl to Herne Bay, and we need to grab the devil by the horns!