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Herne Bay’s Trampoline Man – Generations of Fun

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Take a little trip down memory lane courtesy of the BayPromoTeam.

There will definitely be some images will ring a few bells!

A special thanks to the family of Peter Coleman, who made it possible over three decades, for us and our children to have traditional seaside fun, that will be with us always. Thank you.

… as there’s a special tribute to Peter Coleman in our Herne Bay Generations video, we thought it would be fitting to upload this picture of the bench that was installed yesterday in his memory, next to the spot where he entertained generations of children for over 30 years.

Ann and everybody involved in raising the money for the bench has worked really hard to make it happen and it’s lovely that they did.

Peter Coleman, Herne Bay's Trampoline Man

Peter Coleman, Herne Bay’s Trampoline Man